Welcome to Las Camelias, a warm, family-style restaurant where you'll find great food, great people, and great art.

At Las Camelias we always wish you lo mejor de lo mejor—“the best of the best.”  Everything is prepared with care and only the freshest ingredients.  Chef/owner Gabriel Fregoso brings you the tradition of his family's original recipes—adding his own creative touches to deliver the best Mexican cuisine this side of Jalisco.  He even invites you to try his popular One-Pot Meal recipe at home.

We invite you to take a look around our Web site.  Feel free to check out the ceramic sculptures currently on display in our online gallery, pore over our lunch and dinner menus, learn a little about the philosophy and history of Las Camelias, and read about honors and ratings we have received.

You can also find out about planning menus for banquets, requesting our catering services, ordering to go, or purchasing gift certificates.